'Forgotten Coast'
of Florida

'Forgotten Coast' of Florida

Florida's Forgotten Coast

The FORGOTTEN COAST is north of the NATURE COAST and east of the EMERALD COAST. The FORGOTTEN COAST is a relatively quiet, undeveloped section of coastline stretching from Mexico Beach on the Gulf of Mexico to St. Marks on Apalachee Bay, reflecting its name, which is a registered trademark coined in the early 1990s by the Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce.

The nearest major city is Tallahassee, about 90 miles (145 km) northeast of Apalachicola, and Panama City, home of Tyndall Air Force Base, is about 60 miles (95 km) to the northwest. The Forgotten Coast includes the counties of Gulf County, Franklin County and Wakulla County. The area between Carrabelle and the city of Port St. Joe (in the Emerald Coast area) are often referred to as the "Forgotten Coast".

The Name

At first glance, the name, FORGOTTEN COAST, can connote a negative, an area considered 'less' than the other Florida coasts. But when visiting, or even just researching the other coastal names and locations of Florida, it becomes easier to understand that to the residents of the FORGOTTEN COAST, the name reflects exactly what they want it to mean - it’s a different kind of busy than frenetic Panama City to the west, or St. Petersburg to the southeast.

To the residents, the summertime "Forgotten-Coast busy" means something else - it’s a little harder to find a parking spot at St. George State Park, while the beach does remain subdued by Sunshine State standards. And one might have a hard time getting a seat at Harry A’s around dinnertime on the weekends, but otherwise, the residents say, it’s more or less the same place all year round, and you come to realize that's just the way they like it...and their name too.


The FORGOTTEN COAST is renowned for its oyster and shrimp production, marine wildlife, and fine white-sand beaches. Vacationers truly come to relax and get away from bustling life. It's a cozy, relaxing way of life to residents, and a peaceful, quiet vacation to visitors.

Spend a weekend in Apalachicola, and you'll never forget it. This unspoiled town of roughly 3,000 residents boasts adorable boutiques, cozy dining nooks, and quirky oyster joints. It's the perfect place to hide away for a few days and blend in with the locals. In Apalach, as the locals call it, oysters help keep this town alive -- approximately 2 million pounds of Apalach oysters get shucked in seafood places around the country every year. No trip here is complete without sampling some of the famous salty sea creatures.

St. George, Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve and the Apalachicola National Forest are must sees along with the gulf coast's serence beaches of the FORGOTTEN COAST.

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