'Nature Coast'
of Florida

'Nature Coast' of Florida

Florida's Nature Coast

The NATURE COAST is north of the SUN COAST and south of the FORGOTTEN COAST. It comprises the inside curve or Big Bend area of the western coast of the state and encompasses Citrus, Dixie, Hernando, Jefferson, Pasco, Levy, Taylor, and Wakulla counties. The lower southern end (Pasco, Hernando, and Citrus County) are often considered part of the Tampa Bay Area.

The NATURE COAST covers eight different counties and part of one county (Dunnellon is a part of Marion County). It encompasses 980,000 acres, which makes it the largest coastal region in the state. All of the coastal communities that lie between the town of Wakulla Beach in the north, and Port Richey in the south are considered part of the NATURE COAST area. Some principle cities and communities include Wakulla, Wakulla Beach, Steinhatchee, Cedar Key, Yankeetown, Crystal River, Homosassa, Spring Hill, Port Richey, New Port Richey, Gulf Harbors and Holiday.

The Name

The name NATURE COAST was devised in 1991 as part of a marketing campaign to attract vacationers to the nine county area. The name eventually began to be used locally, and describes the area formally known as the "Big Bend" of Florida.


Activities common in the NATURE COAST include hunting, fishing, boating, bird watching and nature hiking. Snorkeling spots are found in the rivers along the NATURE COAST. Diving and manatee tours are available, predominantly in areas such as Crystal River, Homosassa and Homosassa Springs.

The NATURE COAST is active in the preservation of Florida's many species of native wildlife and their natural habitats. It is home to wildlife that includes deer, wild pigs, roseate spoonbills, alligators, raccoons, opossums, snakes, great blue herons, egrets, turtles and at least 19 Endangered species and a number of Threatened species. Wildlife native to the area include the Florida Black Bear, Key Deer, Florida Panther, Bobcat, Manatee, Alligator, and a variety of birds ranging from the Florida Burrowing Owl to the Bald Eagle. Wildlife sanctuaries and parks are located throughout, and of course there are beautiful beaches, most of which afford a more secluded and natural Florida setting.

Fine dining, entertainment, attractions and shopping are all easily accessible. Enjoy the best of two worlds, nature and the beach in Florida’s NATURE COAST. It goes without saying, from the secluded, natural beaches of Wakulla Beach, to the quaint history of Florida found in the shady streets of Cedar Key, to Port Richey - the “Gateway to Tropical Florida,” you will find the quiet, relaxed coastal Florida not found in any other area and experience what it is truly like to “get away".

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