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There are 1,200 miles of coastline in the Sunshine State that is well-defined, and well known for its two coasts - the East Coast and the Gulf Coast. But there evolved in Florida's history, more specific coastal names for areas of coastlines within those regions.

While South Florida Coastal Property (SFCP) focuses herein on real estate property in the Gold and Treasure Coasts, we give you a summary of the coastal regions and coastal names of Florida. It is important to note that there are some varied beliefs about what some of the coastal areas include as far as counties, so this summary should be regarded in kind.

For a text-version of the location of Florida's coasts, in a clock-wise manner, when entering Florida by way of the east coast from Georgia, the FIRST COAST is situated on the Atlantic Ocean in Northeast Florida. Heading south, the SPACE COAST is entered, followed by the TREASURE COAST and then the GOLD COAST, the southern most coast on Florida's Atlantic Coast. Starting on the southwest portion of Florida's Gulf Coast is the PARADISE COAST, followed by the SUN COAST which we have included here the LEE ISLAND COAST and the CULTURE COAST, and into the NATURE COAST, ending on Florida's FORGOTTEN COAST and EMERALD COAST, both situated on the Gulf of Mexico in Northwest Florida.

It is noteworthy that most sources mention some of the coastal names, but not all, and that a number of coastal names are unofficial. Also interesting is that a number of the coastal names came to be in the second half of the twentieth century. The coastal names became known due to their uniqueness and what they came to be known for, such as the FIRST COAST which was Florida's first coast colonized by Europeans, or the SPACE COAST, well known for NASA and its space launchings.

The Florida Keys, which is not included in any of the coastline names for obvious reasons, cannot be excluded in mentioning. The Florida Keys are a string of tropical islands beginning on the southern tip of Florida's peninsula, and includes the islands of Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon and Key West.

While each coastal area is known for its diverseness, each area is rich in tourism and offers many unique interests and activities for visitors and residents alike. Real estate is widely desired in these coastal areas - retirement, investment, quality of life, investment and for many other reasons. South Florida Coastal Property focus' on the Gold and Treasure Coasts.

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