Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Data provided?

The data is extracted from the raw data of that area's properties that have sold. It is broken down yearly, the total year's price divided by the number of properties sold. The result is the average price and average square foot, which is then computed in the average price per square foot.

Why is square footage used?

It allows any buyer or seller to apply that price per square foot to a property they are wanting to sell or buy and gives them an overall estimate of the location of that property, whether the property is 1,000 square feet or 4,000 square feet, an initial idea of a minimum-maximum price point can begin.

Is the square footage a determining factor in pricing?

Not necessarily, a community where a property is on water compared to a property that has a view of water or is simply a property without water will have different values of square footage. The general square footage of an area allows one to see initial values of that area.

What is the difference between the public area and subscriber area?

The public area provides square footage values of that particular zip code of the past year. The subscriber area provides for historical charts going back 5-10 years.

Is there data separated other than by Zip Code?

Yes. Some subscriber areas will be separated by communities.

Can further data be drilled down for further square footage values?

Yes. If a subscriber would like to know, for example, a historical chart on a deep water property, or a property with a view, or a type of property such as a condo, or a home with a number of bedrooms, contact us and we can make arrangements to provide that data.

How often is the data updated?

Data charts will be updated each month in both the public area and subscriber area?

Are subscribers notified of updates to the data charts?

Yes. Each month as the data charts are updated, the subscriber list will receive notifications of updates and can log in and see the updates.